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Welcome to the ChaChaMama site!  ChaChaMama offers Zumba Fitness Dance classes for EVERYONE in the western suburbs of Minneapolis.

What IS Zumba?

Zumba is simplified Latin dance in an easy-to-follow, aerobic format.  Classes primarily include simple versions of salsa, merengue, reggaeton, Latin pop, samba, soca, Bollywood and cumbia.  The mission of Zumba is to make working out FUN and add JOYFUL, healthy years to as many lives as possible!

Zumba is absolutely the most lighthearted, fun way to burn a ton of calories, greatly improve your heart health, give your energy level a major boost, tone your body and set those endorphins flying!  It is so much fun, you forget you’re burning so many calories and you actually want to go, you will never have to draaaag yourself to work out again.  EVERYONE can do Zumba – all dances can be modified to low or high impact.  For those new to Zumba, the “trickier” dance steps are demonstrated step-by-step and by the second or third class, you will feel completely comfortable.


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